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ONE Mississippi

In my life I’ve lived in many places, some on purpose and some by way of not-so-awesome choices.  But regardless of my means of arrival–and departure–each has opened my eyes to the beauty and diversity of America and her people.  I can honestly say each location has been filled with kind people and beautiful adventures. 

Currently, I’m living in Virginia where my family enjoys visiting the nation’s capital, Civil War battlefields, and watching the seasons dramatically change.  Before that, we called Florida home.  We lived a mere 20 minutes from the beach and enjoyed the beautiful accents (and food!) of friends from diverse cultures.

The beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.                      Photo: Keith Register

The beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.                        Photo: Keith Register

I was born a people-watcher, and as we’ve relocated, I’ve noticed a heart-warming trend among children.  Regardless of the location, and even nationality, many use a tried and true method of counting as they play.  Think back to your childhood and at some point you probably counted using this trusted method, “ONE, Mississippi, TWO, Mississippi…”

I’ve always been proud to be a Mississippi girl, so ever since I moved from Mississippi, I’ve been devoted to an unspoken assignment.  At times I’m a bold delegate, clearing up ridiculous misnomers, and other times I’m rather covert in my mission.  But at all times I’m as spirited as a banty rooster when it comes to speaking out for my home state, and the wonderful people who live there.

A Little Happy’s first
Mississippi Tee Shirt!

My deep rooted love of Mississippi naturally flows into my crafting ideas, and I’ve found myself drawn to projects that involve my beloved state.  Some ideas began as impromptu class projects for my son, and some–like the tee shirt design above–were birthed while doodling images of the Magnolia State.

Lately, I feel like God has given me a vision, and asked me to use these projects for something more.  I am praying that in His timing, with His leading, this vision will develop, and A Little Happy can partner with and support different ministries, beginning in Mississippi.  When will all this happen, you ask?  Let’s start counting together, ONE Mississippi, TWO Mississippi…


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First Grade Theology

My oldest child will soon be entering second grade, but before we take that leap, I’ve been reflecting on first grade.  It was a year filled with new adventures (the bus–need I say more), corny jokes, and inquiries of a particular finger gesture.  I giggled with him and pretended I’d never heard these same jokes I told 30 years ago, and instructed him that “pointing” your finger like that is the same as sticking your tongue out at the preacher.  You just don’t do it.

Not my kid, but pretty good tongue-sticker-outer

Not my kid, but pretty good tongue-sticker-outer

By far my favorite habit he gleaned from his seven year old peers is saying, “I’m true,” to bring exciting stories to a close.  It’s a declaration of valor, proof that we should trust him.  For example, “Mommy today Johnny ate FOUR hot dogs at lunch.  I’m true, I’m true!”  I guess my expression slightly changes mid-story, why else would he find it necessary to quickly interject this new tag-line?

It hit me the other day, aren’t we all like the first grade child, desperately declaring our valor?  With every story we tell, every issue we debate, and every decision we make, we subconsciously proclaim our truth in the matter.  

Our constant need to be right and true stems from the world’s–and our–addiction to self-worth.  But no matter how much the world tries to inflate my pride, the fact is on my own I am not true, my intentions are not pure and I am not good.  No matter how much I try, or how much willpower I muster up, the word of God says even my best try falls short.  Isaiah 64:6 goes so far as to call my efforts at righteousness “filthy rags.”  There is nothing in me alone that is honest, or upstanding.  Nothing.  

He is true, and only in Him can I NOT be false.

He is true, and only in Him can I NOT be false.

While one would think this to be the most damning and depressing spiritual information ever leaked, it’s actually freed me to live my frail life in my strong Savior.  In the frequent times I feel the need to be right–to defend my valor– God reminds me that although I may be true-ish, He alone is fully true.  And if I’ll stop, repent, and choose to operate in His imputed righteousness–instead of my right-ness–then, and only then, can His truth shine through me.  Sometimes it’s too late, and I’ve already steamrolled over someone with my stubborn right-ness.  That’s when grace reminds me I don’t have to beat myself up, or grovel in my mistake.  Psalm 85:10 tells me His mercy goes hand in hand with His truth, and His righteousness and peace are one.

Mercy and truth have met together;

Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

Psalms 85:10

Freedom is living my imperfect life, all the while standing not on my truth, but on God’s truth.  Freedom is opening my mouth and saying things or moving my feet and doing things that bear no resemblance to my Lord, but falling fast into the forgiveness and restoration only He can give.  Being a Christian never meant I am always true, right or full of valor.  It means I believe Christ is always true and always righteous, tied together in beautiful mercy.


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