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Thin Mint Theology

Yesterday my husband brought home a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints, and we told the boys they could have one after supper.  Lucky for me, I don’t care for them, but the children were watching the clock and the box like an intense tennis match.banner thin mints

Well, our oldest has never had the most patient spirit–a paternal gene, I’m sure–and he continued to talk about the Thin Mints, and beg for them.  Finally we told him we’d throw the Thin Mints away if he didn’t show us some self-control.  Immediately my middle wails out, “No, mommy, NO! I’m not begging for them. Will you still throw them away even if just he is begging?”

My strange brain immediately jumped to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the Lord is telling Abraham he’s going to destroy the two cities due to their wickedness.  Abraham began boldly negotiating with the Lord to spare the cities, and ends his pleas with, “Will you destroy them if there are just ten righteous people found there among the wicked?”

I giggled to myself at my innocent child’s patriarchal parody.  He may as well have said, “Mommy, if there’s only one righteous child in this house will you still destroy the cookies?”  I couldn’t help myself and replied, “No, Nathan, I won’t destroy the Thin Mints since there is at least one righteous child in this house among the wicked.”

all GS cookiesThe moral of this story is Girl Scout Cookies are anointed and should be brought into the home of all true Believers.  The end.


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Featured Artist: Karrie Drake

I’m happy to introduce featured artist, and my friend, Karrie Drake.  I met Karrie at church in Florida, and although I knew she was a talented photographer, I had no idea how talented until we had both relocated from Florida.  (Thank goodness for Facebook!)

my friend KarrieKarrie now lives in beautiful North Carolina, which gives her plenty of inspiration for her work.  She’s a wonderful mom to two busy boys, and successfully manages her growing business–Karrie Drake Photography.

A few months ago, I noticed via Instagram that Karrie and I were both illustrating our morning devotions.  Even more intriguing was that many mornings we were using the same scripture reference.  I knew I had to get back in touch with Karrie and learn what all God’s been up to in her life.

Karrie chooses to cling to God’s promises, even when life is messy and uncertain.  Her artwork allows her to share this belief with others.  I know you’ll enjoy reading Karrie’s story below.


My parents retell the story often, especially during family gatherings. “Karrie, you have never known a stranger.”  The story starts with a 3 year old Me at the grocery store with my mom. I sit down on a bench next to an elderly woman.  I talk her ear off; the ramblings of a child are very important, you know.

karrie happy words

Karrie offers FREE printables on her blog!

The woman laughs out loud and looks over at my mom and says, “You need to watch out for this one.  She’s so young and talking to strangers can be very dangerous for a sweet little girl like yours.”  My mom nodded, smiled, and answered, “Yes, ma’am, I know.  That’s the way God made her though.”

I am still this way.  Smiling and talking to strangers, whether in passing in line at Starbucks, sitting on an airplane, or just posting on my Instagram feed.  I will talk your ear off.  The ramblings of an artsy Mom of boys are very important, you know.  Let’s call it “Outgoing Extrovert.”  This personality trait has gone hand in hand with my art journey.  It starts here…


A favorite of mine, Karrie’s
her on Instagram to see more!

Art has always been a love of mine.  Since I was a school aged child I can remember loving my Art class above all other subjects.  Even in my English classes where I would have to write a story or write a summary for a book report, I included an illustration even if it wasn’t required.  I wanted to create all the time.

At the beginning of my college career I actually wanted to go into nursing.  It didn’t work out because once I took my first college drawing class, I changed my major to Fine Arts.

My concentration in college was pottery.  I loved throwing clay on the wheel to create functional pieces.  Photography, painting, and illustration were the other main art courses I took.  Since graduating from college, my art journey has included all 4 media.drake pottery

With the accumulation of 4 states and 6 moves, the constant relocating has afforded me new creative opportunities.  Each move has drawn me closer to one of the 4 art media I mentioned above.  I have taught middle school Art in the North Carolina public school system, and I traveled to different areas in the state to sell my pottery at festivals.

While living in Illinois, I began collecting rubber stamps to make my own greeting cards because, for me, handmade is so much more personal.  My photography business began in Georgia, as did my idea for illustrated Biblical promises.

My TearsOne morning, while reading my devotions, I came across a Davidic Psalm when a vision of a painting appeared in my mind.  I quickly sketched out my ideas and painted the promise based on Psalm 56:8 – “Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll–are they not in your record?”  The footnotes read, put my tears in your wine skin.

The Davidic Psalms are my favorite.  The poetic verses and raw emotion speak to my spirit.  I can relate to them so well.  The painting is a depiction of myself crying, my tears rolling into the wine skin, which is also shaped like a tear.  The painting was completed in 2009.

honest and goodMost recently, I have been posting my Indexcard Verse Art via Instagram.  Most of my Indexcard Art is from my morning devotions.

Sharing my everyday life, my experiences, and my heart are all connected to my creative process.  My desire is to love–to love The Lord and to love people.  My God who created me as an artsy Outgoing Extrovert gave me a big open heart to love people, and to share His promises with them.  I am thankful and I am blessed!


Go see more of Karrie’s work on her blog.

She has written and illustrated her own children’s book, Autumn, and offers a 2014 calendar featuring her landscape photography.

Follow Karrie on Instagram: @karriedrake  and Twitter: @karrie_drake


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Old Man Winter

No matter how much I kick and scream, he comes every single year. That energy-zapping, unwelcome guest who is relentless in his pursuit to ruin my life. Old Man Winter. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic–but only a little. I seriously despise being cold and almost everything that goes with it.

Our family lived in beautiful South Florida for four years and although I do recall feeling like we were in a temperature time-warp, I honestly never minded the non-existent winters. Needless to say, relocating to Northern Virginia was a shock to the system after wearing sunscreen year-round and singing Christmas carols in flip-flops.

Yep. That about sums it up.

If I ever had any doubts about seasonal depression I can say moving here has cleared those doubts right up. My first winter here, I quickly fell into depression and spent many an hour crying in the recliner. Of course I was heartsick from a stressful move, but I didn’t give enough credit to the grey skies and bitter winds for my unbalanced emotional state.

It wasn’t until Spring came that I realized how heavy Old Man Winter had weighed on my heart. I remember a few days into Spring feeling as though I’d been slipped a B-12 shot. My energy and zeal for life was instantaneously restored once I could trust the sun really was going to shine the next day and the next.

For a long time I would dodge saying “I hate winter.” I felt like that would be publicizing God had created something faulty. Instead I’d choose, “I just prefer summer” or “I don’t really like cold weather,” as not to sound too grumpy or cynical. But the fact is, I hate winter. Mainly because it’s a stimulus for depression, and when winter’s coming I know that’s coming along with it.

In an effort to pull through this winter with slightly more optimism, I made a mental list of great things that can only happen in winter. Here they are:

-Boots and cute scarves

-Soup, lots of soup

-Bundled up babies

-Kids sledding


As you can see, my list is short.  But every time I watch Benjamin waddle down the frozen sidewalk, sit beside a blazing fire, or make a huge batch of steaming soup, I remember it’s because of winter I had this moment. Then I go outside to get the mail and remember–brrrrrrrrr–it’s because of winter that I hate winter.

If you find yourself in a deep funk right now, you are in good company. If you are usually active and involved, but find yourself weaseling out of events and instead crying in your recliner, you’re not alone. I think part of making it through life–especially life with depression–is being honest with yourself. Accept the seasons you know you won’t be fully yourself, and remember it’s only temporary, because Spring really will come!

To every thing there is a season,

and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

A time to weep, and a time to laugh;

a time to mourn, and a time to dance.

Ecclesiastes 3 : 1 & 4


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