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And A Happy New Year

Well, better late than never.  Happy New Year from A Little Happy!

funny new yearDon’t you just love all the optimism surrounding a new year?  A fresh page.  A new start.  And my favorite, a “365 page book waiting to be written.”

It’s all very inspiring, and I do believe we should celebrate each new year.  But what happens when you play along, only to find yourself disappointed when this “new year” is really just an extension of the year before.  And the year before that?

That’s sometimes how I feel about a new year.  I know, I know, this isn’t very “happy” thinking, but it’s true.  And if it’s true for me, I bet it’s true for at least one of you.

I try to be festive, and even consider making a resolution or two.  But the realist in me takes over and I think, “Why bother.  It is literally just another day in the life.”

So what’s the good news?  Where’s A Little Happy’s hallmark silver lining?  It’s that “another day in the life” is a wonderful gift.  Mundane?  Usually.  Tough?  Sometimes.  But a gift?  Always.

Right now there are families fighting for just one more day, or at the very least a better day.  When I stop whining long enough to realize the blessing it is to endure “just another day in the life,” I’m able to sing praises to God for those days instead of shake my fist at Him for the small trials.

I’m not attempting to minimize the pain and discomfort that even small trials can bring us, because these prove we are all in an uphill battle this side of heaven.  But I am trying more and more to put my  pain and discomfort in proper perspective.  After all, if I let my trials consume me, what do I have left to offer others?

I’m not sure what your “day in the life” looks like right now.  Perhaps you’re in a very hard place, or perhaps you’ve just received wonderful news to begin your new year.  Either way, I hope God’s mercy and grace are with you as you unwrap the gift of another day.


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