All in God Time

Something very frustrating has happened since Father God gave me the desire to blog–the demand of Father Time.  The Lord keeps me supplied with ideas, and I love to sit and write about truths He reveals to our family.  However, the one missing piece is the time it takes to put it into my blog.

Have you been in my shoes, and felt certain God had gifted you, supplied you, and called you to something, only to leave an obstacle keeping you from carrying it to completion?  I’ve been meditating on this question for 2 weeks, “Lord why have you given me the desire to do this, when it’s obvious I would have to neglect other things to do it?”  And I think today I heard His answer, “Time.”  

I love Sarah Young’s daily devotional, “Jesus Calling.”  On June 21 and June 27, the devotion speaks of the limit of human time and how we can learn to trust God within it.  I feel like God used these two specific devotions to guide me and build my faith in His sovereignty.  If we understand two things about God–His omnipresence and His sovereignty–we can find peace and security as we wait for Him to fulfill dreams He’s given us.

Scripture teaches us of God’s omnipresence, that is His timeless nature.  The Lord declares in Revelation 1:8 what he already revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14, “I am the God who was, who is, and who is to come.”  God doesn’t dwell trapped by the constraint of a 12 month calendar, He makes eternal plans that have no deadline and no expiration date.  God doesn’t panic like we do, trying to hurry up and accomplish something.  If He’s put a dream in your heart, it was formed before you were born, and if it’s needed to further His Kingdom, He’ll see to it that it is fulfilled.

I adore the second part of Revelation 1:8 which reads, “I am sovereign strong.”  The sovereignty of God ensures us that He has complete authority and rule over all things.  All things.  Psalm 115:3 confirms God possesses all power in heaven and on earth and that nothing can thwart His plans.  To say God is sovereign means He governs everything.

God’s done some serious heart-probing in me, because quite frankly I was bound up in anxiety worrying how I was going to find time to do all the things I feel He’s asked me to do.  These are some thoughts that helped me line up my desires with God’s word and make sure I’m not barging into territory that’s not mine.

  • Paul says to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 10:23) that although “all things are permitted, all things are not beneficial or edifying.”  I’m no theologian, but to me this says, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”
  • Is my family in second place, so I can pursue something, even something ‘good’?  If you have a family, that is your first ministry, and as life seasons change that ministry-picture also changes.  But for young families like mine it looks like this: mama begging God for wisdom to”build up her home with her hands,” Proverbs 14:1.
  • Lastly, I keep coming back to this pride-killer: am I keeping my eyes on the root of why God has asked me to do this?  When I start getting overly concerned my grammar is correct, or daydreaming about this blog having hundreds of followers, the Holy Spirit is faithful to simmer me down.  I pray that each time I lose sight of the why, God would humble me back to His purpose.

Friend, you don’t have to live in a state of panic and anxiety, worried you won’t find time to complete something you feel called to do.  Hold loosely to the dreams God gives you because you are limited, but He is limitless.  His plans won’t be thwarted just because He’s asking you to proceed slowly or even wait.  I believe He loves us enough to let us help Him bring His Kingdom, all in God time.  


June 30, 2013 · 1:32 am

7 responses to “All in God Time

  1. Hi Macie:
    This was so timely – been pondering these same questions these last few weeks! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. augustine

    Praise God! I need to be encouraged with this truth over and over…RESTING seems so simple and yet I tend to make it SO complicated!!

    • Oh, AuGuStInE, over and over and over……….all we need to do is rest in His presence right now. He’ll provide the tomorrow. Now next time I call you panicking, remind me, OK?

  3. Thank you for your encouraging words. If we think about it, how great it is that He is in control! Miss you

  4. aliciabancroft

    I still don’t understand WHY?? you aren’t a writer! You so need to do that with all that free time you have 😉

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