Thin Mint Theology

Yesterday my husband brought home a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints, and we told the boys they could have one after supper.  Lucky for me, I don’t care for them, but the children were watching the clock and the box like an intense tennis match.banner thin mints

Well, our oldest has never had the most patient spirit–a paternal gene, I’m sure–and he continued to talk about the Thin Mints, and beg for them.  Finally we told him we’d throw the Thin Mints away if he didn’t show us some self-control.  Immediately my middle wails out, “No, mommy, NO! I’m not begging for them. Will you still throw them away even if just he is begging?”

My strange brain immediately jumped to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the Lord is telling Abraham he’s going to destroy the two cities due to their wickedness.  Abraham began boldly negotiating with the Lord to spare the cities, and ends his pleas with, “Will you destroy them if there are just ten righteous people found there among the wicked?”

I giggled to myself at my innocent child’s patriarchal parody.  He may as well have said, “Mommy, if there’s only one righteous child in this house will you still destroy the cookies?”  I couldn’t help myself and replied, “No, Nathan, I won’t destroy the Thin Mints since there is at least one righteous child in this house among the wicked.”

all GS cookiesThe moral of this story is Girl Scout Cookies are anointed and should be brought into the home of all true Believers.  The end.


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4 responses to “Thin Mint Theology

  1. Alicia Bancroft

    Pahahahaaaas THAT’S THE FUNNIEST THING EVAH!!! 😀 They truly are anointed and I, ME, MUST eat many boxes of them! Because surely, I’m not the one showing no self control 😉 Love you my Bestie!! ❤

  2. clare anthony

    Girl you made my day! Love and miss you!!

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  3. Angela Weber

    Lol. Annointed tagalongs! Now THAT’s something to get a little happy about.

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  4. Mamatha kaushik

    Can relate to this blog in many ways. Good one Macie again!

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