All Dogs Go to Heaven

I am so excited to feature Mississippi artist Scott Jennings of Syntropy Creations and Sacred Space Urns.  Scott is a veterinarian by profession, and when his love of animals collided with his love of art, a beautiful concept was born.

scott jennings

Scott in his element.

The amazing human-animal connection has captivated Scott in his professional and personal life.  It was only natural that his compassion for animals–and their humans–became a central focus for his unique pottery pieces.

Along with Scott, Dr. Brigid Elchos (also a vet) and Beth Adcock (animal lover and marketing extraordinaire) share in the creative energy that drives the operation.  The company’s intention is to honor the life and death of loved ones, capture significant moments and recognize the magic of ordinary days through creative expression.  

Read below about how Scott’s innate desire to construct and create led him to pursue pottery, and how his heart for harmony flows into each piece he constructs.  I introduce to you, Scott Jennings, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and potter.


113_170_csupload_38217858My interest in art led me to play and experiment in varied mediums such as watercolor and oil painting, as well as building and construction.  Pottery became my focused medium about five years ago after taking some classes in my local area.  I knew immediately this was something I wanted to pursue seriously.  The classes not only inspired me, but it was evident that through pottery I could really make the most of my interest in creating functional art.

Raku pottery is particularly appealing because of the aesthetics that can be achieved and how the effects are so different from other forms of ceramics.  Creating pottery has coalesced my interests and desires into a means for authentic expression.  As a veterinarian, this has taken form in a manner that benefits both humans and animals.

Earth Shade Raku Urn

Earth Shade Raku Urn

I have always been “creative,” enjoying the process of forming pieces that are both functional and visually stimulating.  I guess you could say it is “art in service.”  As in my veterinary career, I found my artistic interest is in honoring life itself and how the lives of humans are enriched by connections with animals and each other.

Every piece I form, whether urns, candle holders, bowls or other pieces, flows from my relationships to family, friends, customers, animals, and Life Force or Spirit of all that is.  The overall governing intention has always been to express compassion.  In veterinary medicine this happened through relationships with clients and patients, and now it happens through my art.

The Fire Collection: Holly Berry Vase

The Fire Collection: Holly Berry Vase

I love color.  It inspires, stimulates, and informs my creative process.  Colors just speak to me.  Color combinations pop out at me and I can see how I want to apply them to a piece. You can use color in one way that feels erratic and then in a different way to have it feel peaceful and calming.  Tone of the color really matters to me.  I strive to achieve a perfect tone with my combination of colors.

For the pieces I make for others, I try to see those combinations through their eyes.  With color, I endeavor to create a sense of serenity and aesthetic pleasure.  Because my art honors the spirit of the individual, there is intentional effort for timeless rather than trendy.  My hope is that every time they see my work, they still enjoy it.


Syntropy Creations and Sacred Space Urns has made a way for people to cherish their animals and honor their lives in a beautiful way.  Visit the web site and find out how Scott can create an individual piece for your beloved pet.

Scott and his team feel true compassion and demonstrate concern with each pet urn purchase.  Read testimonials from across the country of the wonderful experience people are having with Syntropy Creations and Sacred Space Urns.

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  1. aliciabancroft

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Think I’ll be ordering one for Bella. 😀

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