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Mere Wishes

I wish this blog could read like a book with unfolding lessons I’ve learned in some sense of order.  But quite honestly, I don’t have the energy to assemble it as such.  And, even more honestly, with my memory I would have to make stuff up.  My goal is to post once a week, but I’m a realist and can’t make any promises.  Folks, low expectations are easily met, and met expectations bring about much satisfaction.  So posts will be simple, sporadic, and will unfold like my life–all. over. the. place.  With that disclaimer, let’s talk about what many of us are doing right now, which is throwing together teacher gifts for the last week of school.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore creating, making and giving teacher gifts.  I’m the goober that sends in ‘a little happy’ for every occasion.  It’s just that right now, my infant has hit that stage where I can’t do anything for more than ten minutes, and even then I better be hiding.  So I ditched a bunch of cute, time-consuming  ideas and went back to a quick oldie, but goody. I’ve been making this featured teacher gift for years, because for years I’ve had ample empty formula cans.

DIY Planter

Mint DIY Planter

As promised, you can make this with things you already have: any empty large can, scrapbook or wrapping paper, tape, and twine or ribbon.  I wish I could paint the can, then effortlessly design a trendy pattern, only to finish it off with a hand-lettered note–but, not so much.  I wish I had the talent of a “real” artist, but I’m what you call an “Idea Artist.”  I’m constantly thinking of creations, but don’t necessarily have the knowledge or talent to carry them out.  So I do what only comes naturally–I fake it or I beg a talented friend to complete the project on my behalf.  This would fall under the faking-it category.

There are many gifts I wish I had, like singing or painting flawlessly.  Regardless, I decided a long time ago, I’m not going to let mere wishes keep me from blessing others with ‘a little happy’.  A favorite verse of mine is Proverbs 3:27, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, if it is within your power to do it.”  So although it isn’t hand painted, and I dug the mint up from the garden of this rental house, it was in my power to do this for whom it is due.  And I will not withhold it, especially from those to whom it is due.


Things to remember (ie: let me save you the headache)

  • Be careful when filling your can with dirt. Although I love an ‘antique’ look, dirty just isn’t the same.
  • Be sure you poke holes in the bottom of your can for proper drainage.  Set the recipient up for success!
  • Other plants I’ve used: Dill, “You’re a big DILL, teacher!”; Strawberry, “You’re the BERRY Best!”, Ivy, “Preschool today, IVY League Tomorrow!”


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