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Are You ‘A Little Happy’?

I’m so thrilled to start this blog!

I am a stay-at-home wife to one and mother of three…boys.  Basically I have 4 men who at any one given time can’t take care of themselves.   It’s draining but I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that.  My role as wife and mother is teaching me that being drained of myself is exactly where God wants me to be.

I wasn’t always thankful.  In fact I was downright resentful.  The life I’m living is exactly what I didn’t want.  That was before God gave me the desires of my heart.  I feel certain there are women struggling, wondering why they ended up with a life they didn’t want.  I’m even more certain that if it weren’t for God’s powerful truth and wise women mentoring me, I’d still think I was missing out on what “really matters” in life.  And since my spiritual gift is talking, I can’t keep all this good wisdom to myself. That’s why I started a blog.

This blog is titled ‘A Little Happy’ for many reasons. Primarily, I love to give people small gifts and where I grew up such a gift is called “a little happy.”  Secondly, I am a woman who is usually happy, but who’s sometimes a little sad–I battle occasional depression.  We as a society have gotten extremely comfortable talking about cancer, diabetes, obesity and even HIV/AIDS.  But, bring up the “D word” and watch people squirm.  

If you are squirming now, don’t worry, this blog isn’t just about depression.  I’ll be posting on the many issues of mothering, daughter-ing and wife-ing.  Watch for “Make Your Own Happy” posts, where I’ll clip pictures of my latest “happy”, which can usually be made from things you already have around your house!  I’ll feature favorite vendors/artists of mine, their story and a link to their web site.  Get ready for “They said WHAT?” posts where I’ll quote pastors and teachers, summarize their lessons and attach the link for you to enjoy the full lesson.  I’ll also be featuring guest writers, specifically those who’ve spoken transforming truths into my life.

Journey with me as I attempt to encourage you to embrace your role, whatever it is.  God has plans for you that are good.  And that should make you a little happy.


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